Welcome Page!

School year church schedule 9:30 am Worship 10:45 am Sunday School


We are a fellowship of followers of
Jesus Christ in Bowman, North Dakota, in the southwest corner of the state.  We are a congregation of the United Methodist Church, whose mission is “to make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.”  That’s a pretty great statement of mission, and it could be overwhelming–to transform the world?!!

But day by day, step by step…by the way we live our lives, the attitude we show our friends and family and co-workers, the words we choose… as we first live our lives as disciples, and then help others to follow Jesus, too, we can do mighty things!  Even transform the world!

We would love to have you join us!  We strive to be a welcoming group of people.  We are small, close, and intimate, but we want so much for others to feel comfortable coming along with us in our journey!

We meet on Sunday mornings, first for Sunday School (both children and adults).  Then, we worship together.

  • September thru May: Sunday School for all ages at 9 am MST; worship at 10:10 am MST
  • During the summer: Sunday School for adults at 8:30 am MST; worship at 9:30 am MST

We also meet on Wednesday evenings.  There are events for all ages, from preschool through adults (adults and Youth Group only in the summertime).   We begin the evening with a potluck dinner at 6, followed by the children’s group (preschool through grade 6, at 6:30 pm), with adults meeting at 6:45, followed by Youth Group (grades 7-12) at 7 pm.

We welcome everyone!

Church phone: 701-523-5492

Pastor’s email: pastor@bowmanumc.org (right-click, “copy email address” and paste into your email address window).