Getting a Fresh Start

He who was seated on the throne said, I am making everything new! Rev. 21:5a

Of course, the setting for this remarkable statement is one we’ll have to wait for, because it refers to that wonderful moment at the close of this present age in which Jesus wipes out all sin and sadness and renews the entire heavens and the earth.  It seems clear that this is not a heavens and earth that has never been before, but a new quality.  Just as the resurrection body of Jesus was recognizable to some degree even though it was very different in quality (he could walk through walls, but he ate and drank as before)—so the new heavens and the new earth will be radically “reconditioned”—perfect recreations of the “old” heavens and the earth.

Okay, that’s interesting, but what is the application to us today, right here and now, in our present lives, where we go to work and raise families?

We, too, can live our lives, renewed, not that we will lose our identities, but that the very way we think and act will be utterly transformed.  How?  By allowing the Spirit of God to transform our minds.  It is then that we learn to discern God’s will for us, what is “good, pleasing, and perfect.”

It’s what we might call getting a fresh start.  It’s something very appropriate ALL the time.  But there’s something about the new calendar year that motivates a lot of us.  Why don’t we make a new kind of resolution this year?  That we will allow God’s Spirit to make us new so that we will live our lives with an entirely new quality!  Let’s journey along this fresh, new road together in 2017!

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