Staying in Love with God

A friend of mine once told me that when she first decided to follow Jesus, she was “just so in love with God!” Have you experienced that? For most people, it’s not too unlike that first experience of falling in love with someone. You can’t stop thinking about them. You want to be with them all the time. You want to know everything about them.

Many of us have enjoyed those warm, exhilarating experiences in our human relationships… those feelings that lift you right off the ground and send you into orbit. And who of us wouldn’t welcome that kind of feeling?!

But we all know that it doesn’t last forever. Gradually, for many, at least, that first intense feeling of “being in love” begins to fade. It’s only natural that the highly emotional part of love relationships “cool down” a bit. After all, maturing love is never a love that is based all on feelings.

And that’s okay. Heaven forbid that our love experience with God be like the 1960s pop song laments: “You’ve lost that lovin’ feeling. Now it’s gone, gone, gone, oh, oh, oh…”

So once we’ve re-entered earth’s atmosphere—where the trials of living our daily lives act as gravity in our emotional world—how can we “stay in love” with God?

First, never confuse feelings with facts. Love is the potatoes, and the feeling is just gravy.

Second, do those things that you did when you first “fell in love”: spend time with God in the Word, in worship, and in prayer.

Third, don’t just keep it to yourself. Love is an “action verb.” So be the hands and feet of Jesus.

When you’ve done these three simple things, you may not feel the intense “heat” of that first experience of God’s love. But the “slow and steady fire” of your maturing relationship with God, the joy of being a part of God’s work today, and the hope of eternity, will keep you in love with God!

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