Making Faith “Our Own”

I really love this time of year!  There are signs of new life all over the place!  Our daffodils splash bright yellow smiles of color along the south side of our church; our chives just explode in an array of fresh green spears; even the dandelions are happily popping up in the midst of our new green grass 😉!

In the church, too, there are signs of new life!  It is visible in the new members who come to our Bible studies and our Youth Group.  It is visible in the decisions our young people are making.

Last night at Youth Group, one of our youth excitedly invited her friends to church on Sunday, May 14.  What is the occasion?  She will be confirmed in the faith!  As she said in her own words, “I’m making my faith my own.

You see, in our tradition, we often baptize our babies before they know what is happening.   It is a practice born out of the belief that God’s grace comes to us before anything we can ever do.  And that grace, which theologians call “prevenient grace,” is God’s way of wooing us to a vital relationship with Himself.

And so, when our children come to the point that they understand God’s desire to be in relationship with them and are ready to say “yes” to that relationship, we have a ceremony called “confirmation” in which these young persons will confess their unworthiness outside of a faith relationship with God and then declare their willingness to trust God with their lives—their decisions, their desires, their destinies.

Have you come to that point in your life yet? Are you also ready to say “yes” to God—in a public, visible way?  Membership is open to all who confess Jesus as Lord and Savior and desire to relate to Him, through their prayers, presence, gifts, service, and witness.  What a wonderful thing it is to make faith “our own”!

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