• What time is the service at Bowman United Methodist?

During the summer (June, July, and August) we worship at 9:30 am.

During the school year (September through May) we worship at 10:10 am.

  • How long are your services?

About an hour.

  • What should I wear?

We’re a small-town church—not too big on dress code around here. The pastor is usually about the only one with a tie on.  We’d love to have you, just as you are.

  • What kind of music do you play?

Our service is blended, with praise music at the beginning of the service and more traditional hymns sung later in the service.

  • Are you going to make me sing and raise my hands?  

Nope.  But you’re very welcome to if you’re comfortable doing that.  Whatever way you want to express your praise and worship, that’s just fine.   And if you can’t sing, that’s okay, too.  Just make a joyful “noise!”   

  • What are the messages like?

We preach the Bible in a real and relevant way to inspire, challenge, and encourage you to apply spiritual practices in your life.

  • Is there a current series being preached?

Yes.  We are using the gospel readings from the Revised Common Lectionary.  Currently (September, October, and November 2017) that is the gospel of Matthew.  Then in December, we will observe the season of Advent, the 4 weeks leading up to Christmas.  Stay tuned for news about Advent plans!

  • Will there be a pastor available?

Absolutely, most Sundays of the year.  Because we are a smaller church, it is very easy to connect with the pastor. 

  • What should I do with my kids?

Your kids are more than welcome to be in the sanctuary with us.  In fact, we love that!  But if you have very small children and would like to have our nursery person look after them, just let us know before the service.  We follow “Safe Sanctuary” practices.

  • What about the sacraments?

We celebrate two sacraments: Baptism and Holy Communion.  Baptisms happen when individuals or their parents are ready for them (both Infant Baptism and Believer’s Baptism are celebrated here).  And we celebrate Holy Communion the 1st Sunday of each month, and at a few special occasions as well.  “All who love Christ, earnestly repent of their sin and seek to live in peace with one another are invited to join us in offering our prayer of thanksgiving and receive the body and blood of Christ”—regardless of age or church membership.