March 2020 Letter from our Youth Director

The Bowman United Methodist Church youth group is off to a great start in 2020! After getting started in mid-November, we have established a lot of momentum and consistently have 6-10 youth attend on a weekly basis. I have been blessed to work with an outstanding young leader in Ty Lachowitzer of Scranton. Ty has been a part of this youth group for the past 3 years and has now stepped into a leadership role.

A typical youth group meeting lasts about 1.5-2 hours with plenty of learning, fun, and entertainment in between. We typically begin with about 15-20 minutes of visiting and talking about our weeks. We then get into the teaching for the night. This usually involves a video teaching followed by questions. We usually break students into 2 groups so we can get more kids to answer and dive deeper into the questions and God’s word. We just finished an 8 week series on RIghtNow Media called “Overcoming Life’s Challenges” by Steve Baird. The kids learned a lot about how to handle things that life throws at us by relying on God and always putting him first. They also learned that in order to be successful in life their priorities need to be set right. A third major lesson students learned from the series is that earthly possessions should be treasured far less than what they are and that what is really important is the treasure we freely receive from God, His grace. We plan to start a new series next week with the kids.

One big event coming up this summer is a mission trip to Portland, Oregon. We will be leaving on July 4th and returning on July 11th. We will drive to Spokane, Washington and spend the night there on July 4th. We will then get to Portland on July 5th and spend 5 nights there. We will leave on the morning of the 10th and get to Missoula that evening where we will spend the night. On the evening of July 11th we will return home. While we are in Portland, going to the Ocean is in the plans. We have 14 total adults/kids committed to the mission trip including Melissa Rothe (former youth leader in our church), Lacey Feist, (former youth group member at BUMC), and Morgan Guttenberg (Lacey’s college roommate and best friend). Also going to Portland include Emma and Olivia Welch, Allie and Alexis Hogan, Coy and Teigen Marmon, Gracie Ruggles, Jaxson Hansey, Kennedi Blankenbaker, Ty Lachowitzer, and myself. While in Portland we will be doing a variety of things which will include helping homeless people, working with elderly people, and helping kids. We are very excited about this opportunity and look forward to what God has in store for us there.

Currently we are working on fundraising to pay for the mission trip. We have numerous things we are doing to fundraiser including community service projects, pennies for Portland, a taco bar/bake sale at the church, and a money wall. For the community service projects we are just asking people to give us tasks that need to be done around their homes/yards and then paying whatever they feel necessary for the project. Pennies for Portland is all about loose change. This is not only pennies, but any loose change that is available including nickels, dimes, quarters, dollar bills, etc. To date, over $200 has been raised this way. The taco bar/bake sale does not have a date set yet but more details will be coming later. Lastly, is the money wall. This will be up in the church foyer in the near future. There will be 100 envelopes numbered 1-100 on the wall with a basket on a table underneath the envelopes. People give money by simply matching the number on the envelope with money inside of the envelope and then placing the envelope in the basket. We appreciate any and all donations that are given to help fund this opportunity for our youth. Thank you all and God bless!

Todd Frie

 Youth Group Q & A

When and Where do you meet?

Our Youth Group meets on Wednesday evenings from 7 – 8:30 pm in the Fireside Room during the school year (September – May). Todd Frie is our youth director.

What do you do at Youth Group?

Our time together is made up of lots of fellowship–just sharing our lives with each other.  It’s important to encourage one another in our faith walks.  Most nights, there is a game designed to mix it up a bit, and we try to tie it in with whatever topic we are discussing.

Speaking of the “topic” we also have a time of teaching each Sunday. It is always focused on something that is near and dear to the hearts of our students like relationships, prayer, how to keep our faith-walk strong in the midst of a lot of pressure to cave in to the surrounding culture, how to share our faith with others in a loving and real way.

Prayer is also an important part of each youth group meeting. As we pray together, we bond as a group in unity with each other and with our God who cares for us.

We invite students from the whole community. In fact, we encourage our youth to bring friends to our class.

To make all this happen, we have volunteer leaders present at almost every youth group meeting.

Special Events:

We also do local service work, such as collecting food and helping stock shelves at the Community Cupboard, our local food pantry.

We schedule some day trips during the school year as well as one weekend trip.